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Black Wall Street was one of the most affluent African American communities in the United States of America for the early part of the 20th century. According to Hannibal Johnson, author of Black Wall Street: From Riot to Renaissance in Tulsa’s Historic Greenwood District it was O.W. Gurley who owned the first black business there. “He had a vision to create something for black people by black people.”

Other prominent black entrepreneurs followed suit. J.B. Stradford, a lawyer and activist who was born into slavery built a 55-room luxury hotel bearing his name, the largest black-owned hotel in the country. An outspoken businessman, Stradford believed that blacks had a better chance of economic progress if they pooled their resources.

We agree.

It was said that within Black Wall Street every dollar would change hands 19 times before it left the community. Black Wall Street thrived as the epicenter of African American business and culture until it was burned to the ground on May 31, 1921.

100 years later was born.

Welcome to Black Wall Street 2.0.

Marye Dean, Esq.

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What is Black Wall Street 2.0? is a highly selective group of black business owners who want to optimize their business for profit & impact but, also to enjoy life while building and preserving their legacy.

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Repeat After Me:

Abundance is my birthright. I release the narrative that I must struggle to have abundance. Part of my soul makeup is having the keen awareness that I am full of abundance and am most fulfilled when I serve my community because love begins at home. I realize that the hardest lessons on earth serve my highest good, and I work diligently to heal as I transmute this energy of trauma into triumph. When I make decisions and take action using my specific strategy for success I align my natural energetic structure on a subconscious level to allow for flow. When I operate in my truth and grace, abundance is my natural manifestation.

    Marye Dean, Esq.

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Extending a helping hand lies at the heart of Black Wall Street. Through Black Wall Street, you get to communicate with our members who have benefitted and continue to benefit from our assistance. Share your story with our members or extend our community by inviting others. A little help does a lot of wonders!

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Black Wall Street aims to build your interpersonal, entrepreneurial and leadership skills to enable you to rise above challenges. Leadership is not about vying for power. It is about empowering your team to lead a cause and a business through morale and loyalty. Track the success of your business at while developing your skills with coaching calls and tasks designed to strengthen your business in four very important areas: Legal, Insurance, Finance and Tax (LIFT). Network and grow your businesses with other black businesses that have been ranked and measured using our very own Black Wall Street LIFT Assessment. Here at Black Wall Street we bring out the boss inside you so that you can bring out the best in your black business. We believe that with proper business skills you can ensure continuous growth and success overtime; success that is practically guaranteed.

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Welcome to Black Wall Street 2.0.

Marye Dean, Esq.