From Playing Business Dress Up to
Leading a Worthwhile Company

“You lack nothing. Use what I gave you.” ∼ God

I am Christiane Holbrook. You’ve probably never heard of me because my team and I love working in the background. We quietly strategize and market for several huge-thinking, mission-driven, remarkable entrepreneurs like Marye Dean, Esq. But this is not about my business. This is about my experience with the LIFT material you are about to discover in this book.
For about 25 years, I watched my ex-husband build a multimillion dollar company from scratch. While I was passionately involved in the creative aspects of that growth, when it came to the dry, problematic aspects of running a business (things like numbers, contracts, legal protection, taxes, etc.), I shied away. I left it to him. I ignored and dismissed it.
A few years later, we got divorced, and because of a detrimental prenuptial agreement, I could not share in any of the wealth we created. Still, I continued ignoring any significant legal or financial aspects of life. Luckily, I had just enough capital to start my own business.
With more than 25 years of business-building experience, I looked forward to showing the world what I was capable of. I created a beautiful website. I sounded confident. I hired staff. I did what I saw every successful coach and marketer do, but it was not enough. Deep down inside, I knew that how others saw me was not how I saw myself.
Even though I was great at strategizing and marketing my own business, I never took the time to do what still felt hard. I never took the time to create a concrete business structure underneath my company.
Even though my business grew, I made money, and my clients loved me, I often still felt like an imposter incongruent with who I aspired to be. Here I was telling my clients that a magnetic brand was the essential foundation for business success while I consistently ignored the other corporate foundation pillars, the foundation Ms. Dean will patiently guide you through in this book. I don’t want to take away the suspense, but I can assure you that working closely with Ms. Dean and her remarkable gifts while implementing the strong LIFT foundation you will learn about in this book will give you the same results it gave me; genuine confidence about my business, its long term success, and with myself as a trustworthy business leader in my field. Because let’s face it, in the past, I was only playing dress-up with my business.
I will always be grateful for the LIFT materials, which made the hard things so easy that I could finally face and master them, and with that, stop forever playing dress-up. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for this material which helped me bring my business out of the shadow and into the light.
Christiane Holbrook,
CEO of Inspired Business Resources Incorporated